Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Casey Anthony Photos and Rob Hensley

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I received a private message on one of the social networks late Monday night.  It was from Rob Hensley.  You will recall that Rob is the one accused of leaking photos and video of Casey Anthony about a month ago.  He was the topic of discussion on television networks and was quite the popular guy.

Rob's message to me was he finally wanted to talk. He wanted to tell how he got the Casey Anthony visuals and answer questions. Why me when so many have been wanting to sit down with him? He said he saw how I have treated everyone fairly that I have spoken to in the Kansas City missing baby case of Lisa Irwin.  Rob said he would answer my questions but he did not want his answers edited. Fair enough.

I met Rob at his local watering hole.  We sat down and he showed me 80 photographs he has of Casey Anthony.  However, he says they will not be released by him.  Some of the photos have already been released by someone else.  Many have not been seen by the public...yet.

He also showed me several accounts Casey Anthony had on various sites across the internet.  When light was shed on all of this, it wasn't nearly as James Bond-ish as what it was made out to be.

Rob says he did not mean any of this to happen. He did not intend for the videos/photos to get out.  "never meant for this and I don't want harm on her (Casey), you know"

Rugen:  What is your interest in Casey Anthony?

Hensley:  I watched the entire trial, every freakin' minute of it.  I joined (online) support groups; just started doing a lot of research on it.  The day she got released I did a lot of research on those planes that left that airport.

Rugen:  Why? Is this just a hobby?

Hensley:  It was a challenge. All of the supporters said I would be the one to find her, just because I know how to research stuff.  And I do it through Google. Everybody's like "god, Rob, how do you get all of your information?"  Well, you've got to word it right.
And everything is basically public record.  I found the deed for her (Casey's) parents' house when they lived in Ohio back in '84. 

Rugen:  What is your personal opinion as to what happened with her daughter Caylee's death and the trial verdict?

Hensley:  I've got to agree with the verdict because they never showed any evidence that she did it.  She was found not guilty but I'm not saying she was innocent because she knows what happened.  That whole family knows what happened.
To be honest, I don't know what happened.  We don't know who was telling the truth.  When the judge released those sealed documents from the doctor, she told the doctors in 2010, November, that her dad came in her bedroom with Caylee in his hands, dripping wet.  She drowned.  She talked about sexual abuse.

Rugen:  So, before the trial, you no knowledge of anything other than what you saw in the news media?

Hensley:  Well, the trial was so long.  And it took three years to take her to trial. I remember when she got arrested.  And back then, when somebody first gets arrested, everybody is like "well, they did it."  Then, I watched that trial, every second of it.  I quit my job to watch it.

Rugen:  Whenever the first set of videos were "leaked" around January 5, 2012, there were rumors that you were Casey Anthony's boyfriend.  Others were saying you were the cousin of her former attorney, Jose Baez.

Henley:  I laughed about that.  And the day before the rumor came out that he (Baez) got fired, he actually told Nancy Grace or made a statement on one of the HLN shows that I'm not his cousin.  People also said Casey was working for my landscaping company. My dad had a landscaping company and shut it down fifteen years ago. They found an advertisement company. So they were saying she was working for my (non-existent) landscaping company.  And if she is working for my landscaping company that would mean she was in Kansas (laughs).

Rugen:  Somewhat off the track, but you have also been accused of showing interest in the Lisa Irwin, missing baby case here in the Kansas City area.  Actually, you sent me emails in late October and early November about the case.  What is your interest with that?

Hensley:  I was surprised that the public didn't go out and look for her more like they did Caylee.  I just wanted to help out.  My interest was just like the Caylee case.

Rugen:  You had emailed me asking  where Jeremy Irwin worked.

Hensley:  I was looking at time frames and stuff.  I don't even research the case anymore.

Rugen:  How did you come to know Casey in terms of these videos and photos that were initially leaked around January 5, 2012?

Hensley:  I got an anonymous email. 

Rugen:  Why would you of all people get an anonymous email?

Hensley:  Because I was trusted.

Rugen:  How did they know about you?

Hensley:  Everybody knows about me.

Rugen:  Really (laughs)?  Who is Rob Hensley?

Hensley:  I'm one of the popular supporters of Casey Anthony.  If you go to any of the social network support pages or hate pages, well, now when you say my name, everybody knows me.  I've always given the people the facts.

Rugen:  Now, you know when people read this they are going to say, how in the world could he support her when she killed her baby?  That is what the masses will say.  How would you respond to that?

Hensley:  They can kiss my ass.  Everybody has their right to an opinion.  I just try and not think about what those people say about her.

Rugen:  So you don't think she was responsible for her daughter's death?

Hensley:  I don't think she is. Of course she knows what happened.  But how can we believe what comes out of her mouth.  She could come out and say she killed her and nobody is going to believe her.

Rugen:  Why? Because she is a liar?

Hensley:  Well, she has been proven as a liar.  She was a damned good liar.  Hell, the prosecuting attorney said that was the best liar he had ever met.

Rugen:  Back to the photographs and video, what was your tie in specifically?  Help me understand how this all happened.

Hensley:  My source was surprised about the photos and video too. And the source is a supporter, too.  Boom. There was an email and, wow, look at that.  And they said they were shocked.

Rugen:  So, your source sent you an email with the attachments. And you did not do anything to obtain them illegally?

Hensley:  They were not hacked.  The supporters are saying she was hacked. The haters are saying she was not hacked.  The media knows she wasn't hacked.

Rugen:  Then, how were they obtained?

Hensley:  I have no idea how.  I'm pretty sure she sent them to somebody she trusted.  Then it spiraled out of control.  I know some of them went to her lawyers. 

Rugen:  What makes you think that?

Hensley:  Everybody thinks her lawyers were protecting her.  They weren't protecting her.

Rugen:  How many levels did these attachments go through before it got to you?

Hensley:  I heard it was eight.  I honestly know she wasn't hacked.  I don't even think Casey knows what the hell has been going on.
She has a small group of friends from what I have seen from her old accounts.

Rugen:  So, somebody who she should not trust was in that group.

Hensley: Yeah.  And, it's just like there's one photograph that leaked a couple of weeks ago.  I'm like, where the hell did that come from.  And it was one of the photograph I got a couple of days ago.  And my source had not even seen it yet.
People are thinking that Casey is leaking them.  But I do know that Devon Thomas, a Caylee warrior, leaked the new ones that were leaked yesterday.  Then, Michell Dawn Smith (an Ohio Facebook user) posted them on her Facebook yesterday.  And we are trying to figure out Davon is getting stuff.  His (Facebook) profile says he is from England.

Rugen:  So, one of the big questions folks have been asking is have you made any money on any interviews or any releasing of photos or video.

Hensley:  Nope.  And from a reporter I talked to at an Orlando NBC station, he says nobody has made money.  He says NBC doesn't own the rights to them.  So, nobody has made money off of them as far as I know.  If anybody has made money off of them, it has to be Casey because she owns the rights.
That's why the media is not releasing the second video, because of copyright.  They don't want to get in trouble.
That little 9 second video that's out there, that's the start of the second video that hasn't been released yet.  That came out about an hour after the big video did. 

Rugen:  So has this resulted in threats against you as a supporter of Casey Anthony?

Hensley:  I have been threatened where I had to leave Olatha (Kansas) and stay in Blue Springs (Missouri) for a while.  People were threatening me on social networking pages saying "you're going to die like her."
My lawyer actually called the Olathe police department to have them step up patrols around my grandma's house. I live with my grandma.
One of my long time friends found out what happened and she asked me if I needed a place to stay.  So, I went and stayed at her house for a bit in Blue Springs.
People just need to leave Casey Anthony alone. I know that. I never meant for this to happen.  I'm very sorry.

Rugen:  So, you officially did not leak the photos?

Hensley:  I didn't leak them to the world or the media.   I never sent them as actual files to anybody.  They were on my (secured) YouTube and they ripped them off.  There's software to do that.
The thing of it is when you upload a video to YouTube, it's automatically copyrighted by YouTube to protect your rights.  So, they actually broke the law taking them.

Rugen:  There has been some discussion around this about your criminal record.

Hensley:  I've never kept it from anybody.  I got some DWIs.  I got a criminal threat, which is a felony in the state of Kansas and I did 16 months in prison.  I broke into a house in 1999 and I went to prison for it for four months.  That was back when I was a meth addict.  I'm a recovering drug addict.  I haven't used hard drugs in three years.

Rugen:  So you admit these things but they have no relevance on your interest in the Casey Anthony case or the photos?

Hensley:  People say, "oh my gosh, he's a criminal".  Everybody knew I was. I don't break the law anymore. I learned my lesson. I've lost my driver's license until 2019 because of so many DWIs.
I don't see the point. Everybody has screw up in their life one time or another.  Some people don't get caught. Some people do.
On my DWIs, the reason I went to jail is because I refused to blow.  The cop says, "you've been drinking?"  I said, "yeah".  He said, "we're going to take some tests".  I said, "nope. Handcuff me."  I wanted the minimum sentence.  If you blow, they're going to give you the max.

Rugen:  Have you had any communication directly with Casey Anthony?

Hensley:  No. I sent Casey a message the only time I created a fake Twitter account and told her to shut everything down.  That was about a week-and-a-half or two weeks ago.  I didn't even say who I was.  I was like, "I know who you are. Shut it down."

Rugen:  And how do you find out these new accounts Casey starts? Is it through the grapevine?

Hensley:  When you change your Twitter name, all it does is change your address.  You still keep your "friends".  And when she did it, I was like oh crap.  The next day I came across one of her friends from the church and thought the photo looks familiar; the stuff in the background.  I sent it to my source and he said, "oh, shit. He found her again."