Friday, April 6, 2012

This Week's Wild Ride on North Lister

This has been one of the wackiest weeks in the Baby Lisa Irwin case in several weeks.  The six month observance of her disappearance has seen a flurry of activity this week and things that make you go hmmm.

Monday - An HLN commentator is on air saying that the person keeping the Baby Lisa case alive is an owner of a Facebook page.  Who the hell got to this commentator?  Don't take me wrong.  This is not an ego defense on my part.  But to imply that this histrionic Facebook page that verbally attacks anybody who gets in their way is the only reason the Baby Lisa case remains heard is ridiculous.  Has he not heard of Websleuths, Scaredmonkeys, and others that continue to discuss this case?  I have the greatest respect for HLN.  I have been a guest on the Jane Velez-Mitchell show nearly a handful of times.  By the way, Jane is so interested in accuracy of reporting developments of this case, she actually called me one afternoon a few hours before we did the show to go over the complexities of this case.  I have the greatest respect for Jane and her interest in the developments in this case.

Tuesday Afternoon - Irwin/Bradley attorney John Picerno calls in to 980 KMBZ's Dana and Parks Show and now wants us to believe that Deborah Bradley never, ever was administered a polygraph test.  When asked, Picerno said, "Nope. Never."

Are you kidding me? Both Deborah Bradley and attorney Joe Tacopina have said publicly on multiple occasions that law enforcement told her she failed one question on the lie detector test.  How do you go from wondering whether you were told the truth about failing a lie detector test to that test never occurred?  Deborah Bradley told me personally, face-to-face, that she was not sure that she failed the test, only that law enforcement told her she had failed.

This reminds me of Bill Stanton coming to town back in October and calling himself a private investigator (which some reporters are still giving him that title even after we know he is not).  It was very poor judgement, in my opinion, for Stanton to come forward in a case being watched nationwide and calling himself a PI when we cannot find he is licensed as one in Missouri, nor his home state of New York.  Now, Picerno would have us believe this lie detector story when it has already been documented and seen all over the country that Tacopina discussing this polygraph test.  Give us a break!

Tuesday Evening - Local activists meet at a nearby street corner from the Bradley/Irwin house to launch pastel colored balloons to acknowledge Lisa's six month disappearance.  Lisa's father Jeremy Irwin then surprised everyone in attendance, including reporters, by emerging from the house while he attempted to blend in with attendees.  Reporters then approached Jeremy to hold an impromptu news conference.  None of the questions were tough, probably because reporters were so surprised he emerged.

It was a good public relations move.  When the family clams up, that is when reporters seek out others to interview who may not be as favorable to the family's story as to what happened the night Lisa was reported missing.

Since then, we have noticed that photos have emerged on a Find Lisa website.  I'm not going to download the photo to post here because they have copyrighted it.
Go to this website:  When you go there, look at the very last photo (assuming they leave it up after we publish this blog). It is labeled as Lisa's beauty mark. It is said to be located on Lisa's outer right thigh.

Is it me or is this clearly the photo of a mole on an adult's forearm? If we give them the benefit of the doubt, was it worded poorly and we are to assume that this person's beauty mark is similar in nature to Lisa's beauty mark.

If this is supposed to be a photo of Lisa's right outer thigh, (a) it looks nothing like a thigh and (b) why would you just so happened to have had the foresight to have taken a photo of that body part? I can see if maybe it was part of another photo and it was zoomed in and enhanced, but that clearly is not the case here. I predicted on my business Facebook page ( that after posting here the photo there it would be "removed and/or I will get a text message from one of the family minions defending their position."  Today, I received a text message (not from Jeremy or Deborah, however).

Thursday - In a story updated on Thursday, April 5, 2012, a letter sent by Baby Lisa's aunt Ashley Irwin ( to CNN's Jim Spellman is another public relations move to discuss all the things that Ashley says she is missing in Lisa's life, all of the milestones.  This sounds all sweet until you know Ashley Irwin has never held Lisa in her arms, let alone seen her face to face.  When you know that, this letter seems a little shallow and empty, in my opinion.

Wow. It  has been a crazy week.  I again call out for Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley to take attorney John Picerno with them to the KCPD, talk to them separately with Picerno in tow, and pick and choose the questions they will answer. That is true cooperation.  Until then, you are only cooperating on your terms, but nobody is arrested.

In observance of Easter, we are reminded of God the Father who loved the world so much that he sacrificed the life of his own son.