Friday, November 8, 2013

Exciting Changes Coming from Ron Rugen

We are making some exciting changes coming soon at Rugen Team Investigations.  We are not only increasing our staff, but adding some new services to our clients.

Recent changes have been adding new offices in Springfield, Missouri ( and Columbia, Missouri (  This has allowed us to provide area resident with some great alternatives to what the previously had available.

Now, in the coming months, owner Ron Rugen will become certified as an audio/video bug sweeper.  While we currently offer this service, it will allow us to respond more quickly with Ron certified in bug sweeps.

Ron Rugen is also in the planning stages of putting together a 21st century state of the art surveillance van with hidden cameras on all sides.  This will be a great enhancement to our surveillance for cheating spouses, personal injury cases and worker's comp fraud.

Also in the works, Ron Rugen will be expanding his private investigator licensing into additional states.

Further, within six months, Ron Rugen will be trained in Voice Stress Analysis (VSA).  In many cases, VSA is considered more active than lie detectors.

Look for announcements of these upcoming changes as they occur.