Friday, December 16, 2011

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Additional Insight

The more I listen, the more I learn. I think Mark Twain said something profound about that or maybe it was another pundit.

Yesterday, a fellow private investigator (PI) friend of mine was in town.  The thing that makes PI work interesting is that so many of us come from different backgrounds that give us the experience in the work we do.  He is former law enforcement.

We discussed the Lisa Irwin, missing baby case (it seems so impersonal to me to refer to her as Baby Lisa; just a preference of mine).  I filled him in on some undisputed facts on the case, as well as items that were not confirmed, but verbalized.

I told him that, albeit unsubstantiated, Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley reportedly failed only one question on the Kansas City PD polygraph.  I am told it was if she knew where her daughter was.

My friend says while that sounds bad, much depends on what the subsequent questions were.  Was she also asked, do you think your daughter is in Kansas City?  Assuming she said no to where her daughter is, is it because she actually thinks her daughter is in heaven?  You get the idea.

Then, I shared with him that I do not have an opinion, at this time, as to who I think is culpable.  Since learning new information in the case, rather than point fingers at one or more individuals, I have gathered information or it comes to me, and then I let the reader make their own determinations.

I told him it is hard to get beyond a cadaver dog "hit".  The information I read and the people I talk to tell me it is indisputable.  Is that true?

He said, "let's find out".  He called a colleague who owns a cadaver dog.  Reporting back to me, he told me this owner says we need more information about the "hit".  Not to be graphic, but unless a dead body was on the floor at that spot and someone put it in a plastic bag right there, there should be a trail from that location resulting in subsequent hits.  Also, was the carpet lifted up and the dog allowed to sniff the hardwood floor underneath, in case vomit and other things result in "hits".  This is just the opinion of one person who shared it with me.

Then, there is my friend Pat Brown, the criminal profiler, who I respect immensely. Here is an article she wrote this week on cadaver dogs.

I know my discussion of this is going to result in attacks on me by those who believe Deborah Bradley knows what happened to Lisa.  The tone of feedback I get from my comments or my blogs depends on what the person already has in their mind to believe.  I have noticed their opinion is not changed.  They only decide whether they like me or what I say based on what their opinion already is.

Again, I do not know what happened that night.  I suspect whomever is responsible for Lisa's disappearance, only a few know the truth or somebody would have already blabbed.

If you do not like the information that comes my way, feel free to ignore it.  I am good with that.  But somebody needs to try to get answers.  I keep trying because I can.