Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Missing Lisa Irwin: 100 Days

It has now been 100 days since Lisa Irwin went missing from her home in Kansas City, Missouri's northland.  If she is safe, she is 14 months old as of today.  As time has passed, while it may feel we are no closer to answers, we have at least eliminated some questions.

In the last few months, I have received several emails and phone calls about Lisa's disappearance.  Some of the correspondence has been theories or "gut feelings" from those who wanted to get my input or have me check information.  While still other reactions have been things I have been asked to check into.  Anything relevant I have come across, I have called Kansas City police with the information.  However, there have been some tidbits come my way that I have checked out and come to dead ends.

I still get those potential leads even as late as the last few days.  We will continue to check them out.

In reflecting of the last 100 days, there seems to have developed a lot of assumptions by many us.  Did Deborah Bradley actually fail a lie detector given to her by KCPD?  If you go back and review the TV interviews, it appears that Deborah Bradley offered up that information.  She indicates that the KCPD told her she failed a question on the polygraph.  However, she was given no proof of that nor has KCPD put out a public statement in that regard.  Megyn Kelly of Fox News did say to the parents in an interview that authorities had told her Bradley had failed.   However, as much misinformation that has been put out there, we do not know this to be fact.

When I say the Kansas City police department has not always been forthright, that is not at all a criticism.  It is an observation.  It has become a commonly held belief and accepted that police do this to get people to confess or otherwise provide information.  Another example of inaccuracies was when authorities told Megan Wright (the woman whose phone was attempted to be dialed by someone on Bradley's phone that night) that her phone number was written on Deborah Bradley's hand.  Both women deny knowing each other and the lack of evidence in phone records back that up.

Speaking of phone records, we have been granted legal access to Megan Wright's phone records from that night.  Interestingly, that attempted call from Deborah Bradley's phone at 11:57 p.m. never reached Wright's phone.  Many of us believe that phone call is key to this case.  Whomever made that phone call was likely trying to reach either Megan or John "Jersey" Tanko.  If you remember, Megan and Jersey had dated for five months but then had broke up under two weeks before Lisa's disappearance.  Did whoever make that call know Jersey was no longer reachable at that number?  Did they have the phone number memorized or was it written down?

Further, was there really an attempt to access the internet or voice mail from Bradley's phone at 3:17 a.m. and 3:22 a.m.?  Or, is this another phone number written on the hand gimmick?

I do not believe Dane has anything to do with this. I could be wrong, but since the phone call did not go through that night, even though Dane was using Megan's phone all night, I believe he's an unlucky kid who was using a free phone.  It is obvious now he did not lie about having received a call.

Dane, however, does not appear to be the Boy Scout or altar boy I would want my daughter to marry.  We received a tip of a conversation Dane had recently outlining things that he claims happened that night. Having checked into that, it appears to be nothing more than a fabrication.  I am guessing he derives pleasure in just trying to stir the pot.

What happened? I do not know. I suspect, only a gut instinct, that whatever happened only one to three people know, minimizing someone blabbing.  Unless Lisa is found or someone talks recklessly, this case may never be solved.