Friday, November 11, 2011

The Baby Lisa Case: The Cell Phone Mystery

Ron Rugen, Kansas City Private Investigator

After spending a couple hours Wednesday with 20-year-old Megan Wright (the woman who owned the cell phone where a call reportedly came from Baby Lisa’s mom’s phone on that fateful night), I thought a follow up would be in order.  Yesterday, I spoke to another member of the household and that person confirmed everything Megan told me.

Many have questioned what they believe to be inconsistencies in Megan’s story of when that call from one of Deborah Bradley’s phones was received on a phone owned by Megan.  The reality is she does not know for sure.  In speaking with CNN’s Jim Spellman yesterday, he believes the different times she have mentioned have been the result of seeing media accounts or talking to reporters in interviewing her and suggesting specific times to her.  After all, how would she know if one of her roomies deleted her phone's call log?

Megan told me that when her phone was used that night, she got it back with the incoming/outgoing call logs deleted.  Because she was using a pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile cell phone, there are no telephone company records and this phone has no SIMM card.  She says she believes that authorities were going to “ghost” her telephone to recover the information.  Megan says authorities still have her phone and a GPS she was advertising for sale on Craig’s List.

Now to my interview yesterday with another household member:  This person has not spoken to any member of the media yet.  They have asked that, on condition of speaking with me, that I not confirm their identity.  The reason:  they want to help but they do not desire a media spotlight.  It is that simple. They have, however, spoken to authorities.

In order to write about what I was told, I will refer to this household member as Kelly, a gender neutral name.  By the way, Megan has temporarily moved to Springfield to get on her feet.  She says it is to take a deep breath after the onslaught of interviews.  She is still accessible by a few of us to answer questions.  My interview two days ago was the last she did.

Now to my conversation with “Kelly”, the former housemate of Megan’s:  Kelly claims Dane, another house member, used Megan’s cell phone off and on that fateful evening from at least 8pm onward.  Oh, by the way, the media report that there were other working cell phones in the house.  It is true, yet Megan was not lying.  One husband and wife living there had their own working cell phone which they kept to themselves.  But the rest of the household did not have operating cell phones and Megan’s was available for their use.

How did Dane end up living there?  Kelly says Dane had met the head of the household through friends and needed a place to stay.

Now, how did the cell phone get the call logs deleted?  Kelly confirmed Megan’s story that she left her phone upstairs that evening while most of the household was downstairs.  Kelly says Dane went to get the phone throughout the evening, used it, then returning it upstairs.  Later in the evening, Megan went to get her phone and noticed someone had deleted the call logs.  Irritated, she cussed and threw her phone on the couch and went back downstairs.  Kelly says Dane again retrieved the phone and used it.

What about Jersey?  Kelly says he was not around the week preceding the incident and they only saw him once the few days following.  That was when Kelly claims Jersey drove into the yard in a stolen minivan and was seeking Megan.

Everyone’s next question is what these guys look like.  Kelly tells me Dane is 5’10” to 5’11” with short brown hair, but long enough to comb.  Jersey is bald and 5’7” to 5’8”.

Kelly tells me authorities came to their home once with cadaver dogs but because they got no “hit” on the front porch, they did not go inside.

Is this a drug home? Kelly tells me no, that is not an accurate characterization of the home.

Having been to the cell phone household as well as other locations, to get your bearings on location, here is clarification.  The house Megan Wright and others lived in that night is about 0.4 mile north of the BP gas station where video cameras captured someone walking down the street out of the woods.  It is unclear whether that “sighting” is related to this case.  The house is also approximately 0.9 of mile north of the infamous dumpster that had a fire in it that night, and it is about 1.1 miles from the Irwin/Bradley home.  That is, if you follow the road on North Brighton Avenue and do not cut through wooded areas.

For the record, authorities are aware of all of this information.

And the confusion continues…..