Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Baby Lisa Case: More Information, More Questions

The more information that comes out about the Lisa Irwin missing baby case, the more questions that come up.  And I mean on all sides of the argument.  There are a lot of questions I have this morning that I would like to have the answers to so this could all in some way make sense.

First, to set the record straight, ABC’s website ( is indicating that “a male witness who wished to remain anonymous told ‘GMA’ that the person who answered the phone was a drifter named Dane who was living in a house Wright reportedly shared with other people.”  That is inaccurate.

The video GMA, or Good Morning America, showed with that individual was taken from a news story that aired on Fox4 in Kansas City starting Sunday night.  After blogging last week about this source, I drove him to the Fox4 studios Sunday afternoon to speak with reporter Dave Dunn.  To be clear, the reason for the nondisclosure of the source’s name is that they do not wish the series of follow-up queries from reporters.  They do not desire the spotlight, but they do want to help.  The source told Dunn before we started the interview that he was only doing this once.  As we left the studios, Dave asked him how to reach him for anything he may want to follow up on.  The source pointed at me and told him, “You go through him. He knows how to reach me.”

Now, on to the questions that continue to surface.  As I mentioned, there are a lot of unanswered questions from several directions.  In asking, I am not at all being accusatory, I am saying there are holes that need to be filled in.

First, I have reached out to Megan Wright in hopes that she can clarify this for me.  Megan initially indicated that she did not know who was using her cell phone that night.  Then, she told me that her roommates told her it was Dane.  Setting the scene for that night, Megan told me she was downstairs where she slept clipping coupons with Dane’s girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend (not Jersey).  So, if there are two married couples and Dane in the house and one of the married couples have their own cell phone, it pretty much narrows down it had to be one of three other people.  However, there were a couple of young men from across the street and down the block that had visited briefly that night.  Them aside, if you want to know who is using your cell phone, it should not be hard to figure out. It is either the husband or wife of one of the married couples or Dane.

Megan cleared that up in a conversation we had this morning.  By the way, aside from Facebook queries, Megan tells me since my blog and discussion with her last week, the only formal questions she have answered have come from me or CNN’s Jim Spellman.

Rugen:  First, I think you said initially that you didn’t know who was using your phone that night?  Then you said roommates told you it was Dane?

Wright:  Right. Then, after talking to people in the house that were upstairs that night I was told that Dane had it all night.

Rugen:  When did you discover it was Dane?

Wright:  About a week into the investigation.

Rugen:  A week after Lisa was gone?

Wright:  Yes. Around then.

Rugen:  Okay, and why so long?

Wright:  No one said anything about it until then. I don't know why really.  Not for a lack of me asking.

Rugen:  And why did you check your call log that night? What prompted that?

Wright:  I was trying to see if I had missed any calls or messages, which happened a lot considering I left my phone unattended for so long so frequently.

Rugen:  Because you were clipping coupons and you left the phone upstairs to share?

Wright:  Yes. I was downstairs visiting with (Dane’s girlfriend), who I had just met, and (an ex-boyfriend (Not Jersey)), who was at the house to visit me. And we were listening to music, talking, getting to know each other and clipping coupons.

Rugen:  There were a couple of young men from across the street and down the block that were there too?

Wright:  He was there for just a brief time that night. He was helping his sister move furniture with their family. His friend popped in for a while then left I guess. He might have lingered upstairs, but from what he told me, he went home shortly after going upstairs.

Now, why was Megan’s number called?  It had to be from someone, obviously, who had her number.  We are told there was an 11:57pm call from Deborah Bradley’s phone to Megan’s phone that did not go through.  Who made the call? Regardless of who was using Megan’s phone, who was the call intended for?  Was someone trying to reach Dane, Megan, or Jersey, not knowing that he and Megan broke up a week earlier? Was the number programmed into Deborah’s phone or was it memorized by who ever made the call?

Keeping in mind at this point, Jersey had not been seen around the Wright household for the week preceding.  In the days following, I am told he only came around once, reportedly driving into the yard in a stolen minivan looking for Megan.  One of the roommates then reportedly chased him off.

On to that 11:57pm phone call from Bradley’s phone to Megan’s, it was not a random phone number, logic tells us that.  Whether it was “butt-dialed” or purposely dialed, who ever dialed it knew that phone number.  Why would someone be so stupid to take a baby, then call Megan Wright’s number knowing that they just implicated someone on the other end to a crime thus leaving evidence?

Going with the theory that someone abducted Lisa and made that phone call to Wright’s phone at 11:57pm, then there was an alleged eyewitness account by a couple living near the home between 12:15 and 12:30am, what was that person doing for the minimum of 18 minutes after using the cell phone considering the close proximity of the “eyewitness”?  Granted, the phone call did not have to be made from the Bradley home, but if you consider the eyewitness to be credible, you surely would not be going back and forth down the street during that time.

There was a news report last week that there were cell phone pings around 1/3 of a mile away.  That means it was a 2/3 mile radius from the ping.  If you go in one direction from the Bradley/Irwin home, the dumpster is within that radius.  In another direction, the creek that runs behind the house is within the range.  However, again, if the phone was in this person’s possession at 11:57pm, the dumpster fire did not occur for another couple of hours.

While we are on the cell phone, the pings dropped off sometime 3:22am or after.  So, between this time and 4am or earlier when Jeremy got home, someone attempted to access internet and voice mail from Bradley’s phone.   Why?  Whether you be Bradley or an abductor, depending on the version you believe, why?  What are you looking for on the internet? Why would anybody besides Bradley care about her voice mail?  Unless, you have her phone since around midnight and you have a missed call and you think the person on the other end was stupid enough to leave you, the abductor, a message.

By the way, remember the recent interview with the Deborah's father who loaned his cell phone, the one in question, to Deborah.  He described it as a "plain jane" phone.  Is it not so "plain jane" that it had internet capabilities?

What causes a cell phone to stop pinging?  Either you remove the battery or you submerge it water or you set afire.

Regarding the cadaver dogs, I am not going to pretend to be an expert.  But the cadaver dog “hit” is my stumbling block toward believing that there was not an accident in the home that night.  From those I speak with, that cadaver dog hit is valuable.

I am told that when it is said that a cadaver dog has a xx% accuracy, that does not mean that when they do hit it is questionable.  That means that there is an xx% chance they may miss their hit if the handler does not guide them where the scent is.  In other words, if you are in a room and you are wearing perfume and have only been in one corner of the room, the dog would have to be taken to that location in the room where you were as opposed to not being led there.  But when the dog arrives, the hit occurs.

Exploring the possibility of an abduction, how would the potential abductor know that Jeremy would not be there that night and Deborah would be so out of it, they would go undetected?  Did an abductor wait for the lights to go out and then get in the house with Deborah passed out?  What would be their motive?  Would they have blamed Deborah for something that happened in their life that they sought revenge for?

On to another angle, we know Jersey has been looked at.  Both Megan Wright and her roommate told me last week that Jersey is the kind of guy who would try to turn a dime into a dollar.  But if you question whether someone took the baby to sell, how do you find a baby buyer?  You don’t go on Craig’s List to find someone who will buy a baby from you.

I ask these questions not to accuse anybody of anything.  Honestly, I do not know what happened and I can see several different possibilities.  However, there are a lot of questions like these that I would like the answers to, in a perfect world.