Monday, November 21, 2011

The Lisa Irwin Case: Mom's Phone Appears to Be the Key

Whether it be the 50 second cell phone call that was reportedly attempted from Deborah Bradley's phone or the alleged attempts to access her voice mail and/or internet some three hours later, it would appear her phone holds the key to many answers in the case of her missing baby, Lisa Irwin.

There are so many unanswered questions in this case and twists and turns, those of us who are watching it closely think about it all the time.  I was watching my Mizzou Tigers play football Saturday afternoon, trying to relax, and I was still sorting out some of the Baby Lisa information in my head.  I could not relax.

The number of people who may have used Deborah Bradley's phone that fateful night are far greater than the number of people who that 11:57 p.m. phone call could have been intended for.  So, rather than try to figure out who was using the phone, it seems more logical to work backwards from who may have been intended to receive the call.

None of this analysis is conclusive, but it is fairly narrow in scope.  Further, I am not impugning anything on any of these persons.  It is what it is.  They may have possibly been intended to receive a call from someone who may, for one reason or another, been using Deborah Bradley's phone.

Keep in mind that Megan Wright claims she had that phone number three or four months prior to this incident.  A former roommate had thought she only had it a month-and-a-half to two months.

Of those that either had access to or was believed to be able to be reached via Megan Wright's cell phone that night:  Megan Wright, Dane G., John "Jersey" Tanko, or the couple who are the head of the household Megan was staying in.  When you consider this small number of people and you work your way back to who may have tried to call them, it may help come closer to solving part of this mystery.  Then, while the married couple who are head of Megan's former household are eliminated as unlikely recipients, it brings us down to those three possibilities of intended recipients:  Megan, Dane, or Jersey.

Why would anybody try to reach any one of those individuals on Megan's phone?  Who could have been trying to reach one of them?  In order to determine who made the attempted phone call, we have to investigate further and find out if any of these people had a connection with any one of these three.  It is not yet known, but here are some possible persons who could have tried to call one of them.  Whomever made the phone call would likely to have had the number memorized, unless it was Deborah Bradley and it was already programmed into her phone.

If the intended recipient was:

  • Megan Wright - Jersey seems the most likely person to have tried to call her.  According to Megan, they met toward the end of March, started dating around the beginning of April and broke up around 10 days, give or take, prior to Lisa Irwin's disappearance.
  • Dane G. - Dane may have well been the unlucky guy who was taking advantage of the use of Megan's phone that night.  But, we do not know who he was on the phone with during the reportedly multiple conversations he had on that phone that evening well into the night.  Dane had not lived in the the house long prior to Lisa Irwin's disappearance.  Did Dane know Jersey, Deborah Bradley, Shane Beagley(who lived two doors down from Bradley and was on her door step that night with her and Samantha Brando from next door), James Brando (Samantha's estranged husband), or Phillip Netz (Bradley's brother; we do not know if he had his own phone).
  • Jersey - Where do we begin on who could have called him?  This is a man who traveled this neighborhood often.  If we believe what others have said, he solicited handyman work in the neighborhood and may have stayed in unoccupied homes there.  In his numerous neighborhood travels, did he ever solicit work from or otherwise meet:  Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin, the Brandos, Shane, or Phillip.
We are told this was not the only time Deborah Bradley's phone was used that night.  There were attempts to access her voice mail and/or the internet at 3:17 a.m. and 3:22 a.m.  First, why would anybody want to access her voice mail besides her?  Would someone else with access to her phone believe they may have had a missed call?  Doubtful.  So, as far as accessing the internet, why would anybody, including Bradley, attempt to access the internet?  However, these attempted phone accesses could have been an accidental "pocket dial" by the same person who attempted to make the call earlier in the evening.  Unless, the *86 feature was used to attempt voice mail access sans it being programmed into speed dial.  Another reason to possibly check voice mail is if Jeremy tried to call Deborah earlier (which he reportedly did) and the holder of the phone listened to that message, IF a message was left.

Find the answers to the phone and we may all be able to solve this case.

UPDATE:  Regarding phone records, Megan Wright said her phone was a pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile.  Sprint owns Virgin Mobile.  There is a very high chance that while her phone had no SIMM card, there are still records (CDRs - Cell Detail Records) showing who Dane was on the phone with that night.  If, for example, the cell towers were owned by a carrier other than Sprint, then Sprint has to pay a fee to that other carrier for its users using those towers.  Thus, there is likely an incoming/outgoing call log to prove that the carrier owes that money on behalf of their customer.

If you have any potential leads on this case, feel free to go to my website, and click the "Email Us" tab.  Any thing that is of value will be forward to the Kansas City Police Department.  By discussing some of the unanswered questions, it may help someone to add a piece to this puzzle.